Do all music majors take private lessons? Yes, all music majors begin taking private lessons their first semester.

Do all music majors participate in an ensemble? Yes, all music majors participate in at least one ensemble.

Can I double major as a music student? Yes, you can double major as a music student.

Do I have to audition to be a student in the School of Music? Yes, all students must audition for acceptance and consideration of scholarships.  You can find audition dates on the School of Music website.


Can I receive a music scholarship if I am not a music major? Yes. Students can audition to receive an “ensemble” scholarship. You can find audition information on the School of Music website.

What are my responsibilities if I receive a music scholarship? All students will take one private lesson per week and perform in an assigned ensemble.

If I am not a music major, can I take private strings lessons? Strings lessons are only available to

students in the McDuffie Center for Strings.

Is it possible to minor in music? Yes, you may obtain a minor in music.


What occurs in an audition? Detailed audition information can be found on the Townsend School of Music website.

When will I receive notification if I have received a music scholarship? Scholarship recipients are notified within 2-3 weeks of their audition date. A student must be accepted into Mercer University before a music scholarship can be offered.


Can I be in an ensemble without being a music major or minor? Yes. All ensembles (Mercer Singers, Women’s Chamber Choir, University Choir, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, Brass Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble) have students from a variety of academic degrees.

Do I have to audition to be a part of an ensemble? Yes. Auditions are required for all ensembles, with the exception of marching band and orchestra. Auditions are not required to participate in marching band or orchestra. Note: String positions within orchestra are only available for students in the McDuffie Center for Strings. Auditions will occur during Freshman Orientation.

I am not going to be a music major but I want to continue playing my string instrument at Mercer.

Can I be in the orchestra? Orchestra participation for string instruments is limited to students in the McDuffie Center for Strings.


Are there scholarships for playing in the Mercer Marching Band? No. The Mercer Marching Band is a volunteer organization.

Does the Mercer Marching Band require as much time as my high school band? The Mercer Marching Band rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00-9:00 p.m. and occasionally on Fridays.

Do I have to audition to be in the marching band? There are no audition requirements for the Mercer Marching Band.

How can I learn more about the marching band? Visit the Marching Band page of our website for more information about Mercer’s marching band.