The Mercer University Townsend School of Music is pleased to announce the availability of music scholarships for incoming students who plan to major in music. Qualified non-music majors may also audition for instrumental ensemble music scholarships. Music scholarships are available for students with outstanding talent in the areas of piano, harpsichord, voice, organ, composition, guitar, winds, strings and percussion. These scholarships are competitive and are awarded by audition.

It is important that potential music majors formally apply through the Admissions Office of Mercer University before scheduling an audition with Townsend School of Music on one of the designated music scholarship audition dates. Academic scholarships are awarded through the Admissions Office to students with exceptional ability.  Financial aid based on need is available through the Financial Aid Office. Music scholarships are awarded annually for four years based on enrollment in a music degree program, maintaining a 3.0 GPA in music courses, and demonstrated improvement on the chosen instrument. 

To be schedule an audition please click here.

The Fabian Distinguished Music Scholars Program at Mercer University pursues college bound students whose abilities epitomize musical and leadership excellence. The character of a Fabian Scholar demonstrates a deep commitment to the musical arts while formulating and executing creative ideas to change the world. This philosophy is exhibited through a lifestyle of intellectual, musical, and creative pursuits resulting in consistent personal motivation to provide superior musical experiences for the general community.