Conducting Curriculum (Instrumental)

Major Area

MUS 641

Graduate Instrumental Conducting
2 credits

MUS 642

Applied Conducting
6 credits

MUS 645

Orchestral Literature
2 credits

MUS 646

Wind Ensemble Literature
2 credits

MUS 595

Graduate Ensemble
2 credits

MUS 575

Graduate Conducting Recital
0 credits

Total Major Area Credits: 14

Other Studies in Music

MUS 656

Analytical Techniques I
3 credits

MUS 605

Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music
3 credits

MUS 620

Historical Study of Musical Styles and Literature
3 credits

MUS 650

2 credits

MUS 563

Applied Study: Instrumental
2 credits

Total Other Studies in Music Credits: 13

Elective Studies in Supportive Areas

6 credits from Elective Studies. For further information, please reference the Graduate Student Handbook.

Total Electives: 6 credits
Total Overall: 33 credits

*To qualify for the designation “with an emphasis in Church Music,” students must complete six hours of elective study in church music.