Nathan Myrick

Nathan Myrick Director of Undergraduate Studies            Assistant Professor of Church Music 

Office: (478) 301-4012

Nathan Myrick is an ethnomusicologist and theological ethicist. He came to Mercer from Baylor University, where he earned his PhD, and Fuller Seminary, where he earned his MAT. He is fascinated by the intersection of ethics, theology, and music, and studies musical activity and human flourishing in the context of Christian communities.

Prior to becoming a professional nerd, Myrick was rock musician who toured extensively in the early 2000s. Income for a small-time rock musician being what it has always been, he wore several hats of employment, including as a window service technician, gas station attendant, machine shop operator, and meat wrapper at a small-town butcher. He has since produced two musical albums, the Silence (2010) and Believable Lies (2014), and also worked as a screenwriter for a small production company in Los Angeles, where he helped produce a TV pilot.

Myrick is an avid writer and has published in a variety of venues. He is the author of Music for Others: Care, Justice, and Relational Ethics in Christian Music (Oxford University Press), the co-editor of Ethics and Christian Musicking (Routledge) and co-editor of a Festschrift in honor of David W. Music, The Gift of Music: Essays on Church Music and Hymnology (MorningStar).  His work has also been published in The Yale Journal of Music and Religion, Liturgy, The Hymn, Bloomsbury Academic, UMC Discipleship, and HM Magazine, among others. He is also the Series Editor of the “Music Matters” series for Good Faith Media. Myrick is currently writing “Music and Human Flourishing in Christian Communities” for The Oxford Handbook of Community Singing, as well as “Ethics and Justice” in The Oxford Handbook of Music and Christian Theology.

Active in professional societies, Myrick has presented research in a variety of settings, including the Society for Ethnomusicology, the North American Academy of Liturgy, the International Association for the Study of Popular Music – US, the Hymn Society in the US and Canada, the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music, and the Christian Congregational Music Conference. He is a past-President of the Religion, Music, and Sound Section of the Society for Ethnomusicology, and is a reviewer for The Journal of the American Academy of Religion, The Yale Journal of Music and Religion, Religions, and Material Religion, among others.  

A passionate teacher, Myrick develops thoughtful and hospitable learning communities in his classrooms, and seeks to inspire meaningful discussions with his students. Drawing on the diversity of his life-experiences, his lectures integrate abstract concepts with lived reality (that is, life as we experience it). His office door is always unlocked (when he’s there, that is), and students are always welcome to stop in for a cup of coffee, tea, or just to chat about life.

A native of Warroad, MN, Myrick is an avid outdoorsperson. He also enjoys soccer, baseball, and good company. In addition to his academic interests, Myrick is fascinated by birds, trees, and American history (his wife finds him confusing). Speaking of his wife, he is married to Lesley Myrick, an internationally recognized Interior Designer. They live in North Macon with their two kids, Ford and Hasley, and their cat, Kika (which is how Hasley said “kitty-cat” when Kika adopted them).