Performance Curriculum

Graduate Studies in Performance (12) Hours
Applied Voice or Instrumental 8
Choral, Opera, Instrumental Ensemble, or Chamber Music 2
Seminar in Performance Studies 2
Graduate Studies in Music (11) Hours
Analytical Techniques I   3
Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music   3
Historical Study of Musical Styles and Literature 3
Pedagogy of the Instrument or Voice  2
Supportive Areas in Graduate Studies (10), to be selected from the following: Hours
*Foundations of Christian Worship 3
*Spiritual Formation for Ministry I, II 3

*Hymnology and Church Music Literature
*Church Music Methods and Technology 3
Service Playing 2
Conducting 2
Composition/Arranging 2
Analytical Techniques II 3
Sixteenth Century Counterpoint 3
Eighteenth Century Counterpoint 3
Vocal Diction 1-3
Special Topics 3
Total Hours   33

*Students may add the distinction "with an Emphasis in Church Music" by selecting six hours of their supportive area from these courses.