Church Music Curriculum

The course of study for this degree will be a third in church music/theological studies, a third in graduate music academic studies and the final third in solo/ensemble performance studies. The curriculum includes professional training in music ministry that has practical applications in a local congregation.

Graduate Studies in Church Music Hours
Foundations of Christian Worship 3
Hymnology and Church Music Literature 3
Church Music Methods and Technology 3
Supervised Music Ministry Internship 1
Spiritual Formation for Ministry I or II 2
Graduate Recital 0
Graduate Studies in Music Hours
Analytical Techniques I 3
Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music 3
Historical Study of Musical Styles and Literature 3
Pedagogy of the Instrument or Voice 2
Graduate Studies in Performance Hours
Applied Voice or Instrumental 4
Graduate Choral Conducting and Techniques 2
Graduate Ensemble 2
Electives 4
Service Playing 2
Applied Conducting 2
Composition/Arranging 2
Analytical Techniques II 3
Sixteenth Century Counterpoint 3
Eighteenth Century Counterpoint 3
Graduate Seminar in Church Music 2 2
Special Topics 3 3
Total Hours 35