Steve Ivey

Music Business

Steve Ivey, entrepreneur, musician, producer, music writer, speaker, author, 17 time # 1 Billboard music producer with multi Emmy, Grammy, Dove, Tele awards as winner and nominee.  Steve's music has been in the the Billboard Top Ten sales charts for over an astounding 1000 weeks, with more than 18 million units sold as of  2020 and still counting with music he is writing, producing and recording.

Steve began his entrepreneur journey with incorporating his first company, IMI (Ivey Music International) at age 20 and the company has grown to have a global reach with music in over 40,000 retail outlets internationally. He began the company as a junior in college at Mercer University while studying classical music. Steve was singing Opera in Italian, French, German and playing classical piano during the day for his Bachelor of music degree and then singing, writing, recording pop  & country music and playing guitar at night around middle Georgia.

He continued his education to earn a Masters degree in marketing and that foundation of studies in music and marketing lead to building IMI into other music business areas including a booking agency, artist seminar company, boutique record label, music distribution,  brand management & publishing companies.  Steve's first recording success at age 20, was writing and playing all the instruments on a Chevrolet commercial. He continued to write songs and produce other artists as well as products for his own band which lead to Steve signing as a writer/artist to Warner Brothers Chapel Music. His  international touring and performing  concerts lasted about a decade and over 1000 shows all across the US, Europe and Asia playing every type of venue from stadiums to fairs and festivals to churches and dive bars. 

Steve's work in the studio and other music business endeavors eventually took a front seat and he stopped performing with his band to focus 100% on building IMI.  His song writing, studio work and recording lead him in to producing and working with numerous top artist's, TV shows, movies, companies and popular brands.  IMI became an international success story.

Steve decided to diversify his entrepreneur efforts and while still running IMI he started another company in the energy sector called Simon Solar, with the idea to build a solar farm in his home state of Georgia. Steve had built 5 recording studios and from this experience in technology, the solar industry was just the right fit to overlap his knowledge of deal making and technology. Simon Solar created the largest solar electric plant east of the Mississippi River at 30 Megawatts which is enough power for about 8000 homes annually.  The solar plant is in full operation and will continue making power for  decades. Simon Solar is continuing to build other solar energy projects. In 2020 Steve combined his two companies while helping Mercer University rebuild the world renowned Capricorn Recording Studio and also put solar on top of the building to have renewable energy recording. For more information visit

In 2017, Belmont University Dean of Music Business School asked Steve to construct a course for young music entrepreneurs based on his long term success in a tough business.  Steve put together the course he calls LAUNCH and he teaches this course once a year to upper level students. Steve is currently writing the book to accompany the course which will be titled "Picking Up Pecans...11 Steps to Somewhere".   Picking up pecans and selling them to the local Co-Op was Steve's first entrepreneurial endeavor at the age of 12 and the lessons learned then carried over into international success.

Currently, when not  making music in a recording studio or advising  young entrepreneurs and companies, Steve spends his time on tennis courts, by the pool, on a golf course, at Tennessee Titans or Nashville Predators games,  on a beach or a ski slope.